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by CedarBinarySystem on May 8, 2013

Cedar Finance Review


When you hear about any financial claims of 81% return on your money, you have a right to be wary. The truth is that over the past few years a lot of people have lost an awful lot of money as a result of being too eager to make a huge profit and not paying attention to what would be pretty obvious warning signs. But, when you look into Cedar Finance, what you will see is that this is an extremely well known binary option program that will help to keep you as safe as possible while maximizing your profit potential.

They are offering a Free ebook that teaches you all you need to know about their company and all about binary trading. When I signed up I took a look through the ebook and thought the content was above other broker freebie’s

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Who are Cedar Finance?

It is always a good idea to read the reviews and do your research before you invest any money with any company, and so when you read a Cedar Finance review, you will see that this is a reputable consumer trading platform with a secure global presence. It might surprise you to find out that this company is owned by a Cyprus-based firm, but it is important to note that the company is based there and your money is not. Your money is safe and available to you at any time.

How Do They Compare?

There are a few aspects of Cedar Finance that make this ideal for both the beginner and the expert investor, and perhaps one of the most important is that it simply won’t allow you to risk too much in any trade. You can only invest $3,000 per option, so the normal threat of accidentally putting too much on the table is basically taken away from you. Yes this has happened.

Another reason why this is such a great program for people just getting started in binary options is because not a lot of people have experience in them, even if they have traded in traditional options in the past. Also, this entire program runs online rather than on your own computer, so you don’t have to worry about it hogging all your memory or not working correctly with other software that you might be running.

Finally, you can place put and call options with one click, which is incredibly easier than normal brokers would have you do. This also eliminates the usual problem of people placing the wrong trade when they are in a hurry.

What Will You Read in a Cedar Finance Review?

There are a number of reviews online right now that are written by people who have used the Cedar Finance platform to trade binary options, no matter where they are in the world. If you travel a lot or you enjoy trading at work and at home, then the fact that this is a web-based program makes it ideal for your needs.


“I have been using Cedar Finance for six months and I have to say that it is a lot easier to use than my old broker – and my profits are higher, too.”

-         Peter, UK (Testimony from company website)


“What I like about this is that they have full training for you and if you have a question, there is 24 hour support. Basically, this really makes it easy.”

-         Carrie, NY (Testimony from company website)


The majority of people who have written in to tell others about Cedar Finance certainly do make mention of the amount of money they have made, not only because of this unique platform but also because they are able to successfully trade binary options for the first time ever.


“This has been a really good choice for me. Cedar Finance makes learning about binary options and trading them very clear. Perhaps for the first time ever, I know what I’m doing!”

-         Lee, TX (Testimony from company website)


Where Can You Sign Up?

In order to open your account, you can simply go to the official Cedar Finance site which is totally secure and fill in the online application. This is much easier than traditional brokers, and you can choose whether you want to trade in Euros, British Sterling, or American dollars. Then, you simply fund your account electronically and you will be ready to go. You can choose to utilize one touch trading too, which means that you can get in and out of options in 60 seconds or less, taking profits off the table whenever you feel ready.


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Is Cedar Finance Right for You?

With the turmoil that the world is in these days, it is no time to go long on stocks or even play long-term options. When you read any of the Cedar Finance reviews that are online, you will see that this method of very short term binary option trading is the best method for securing steady profitability without risking much.

We chose Cedar Finance as our broker of choice for our Binary Options System for many of the reasons above and we factored in our win rate too. Basically our entry times where better at Cedar Finance which resulted in more wins.

Some notes,

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